Vocal soloists – Nicoleta Rădinciuc Vlad

Hired by The County Centre For Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Ialomita in 2004 to serve as vocal soloist in the „Doina Bărăganului“ orchestra.

Born in Brașov, in the very heart of the country, Nicoleta Rădinciuc Vlad has spent her childhood in Cocora village, in Ialomita`s Baragan. Here, in this village in the plains filled with unique people and sights, she discovered her divine gift, her ability to sing. Time, perseverance and especially her dedication towards the interpretation of traditional Muntenian songs have made it possible for Nicoleta Rădinciuc Vlad to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of folk lovers everywhere. Her natural presence, the warm, rich timbre of her voice, the original style of interpretation which accurately portrays the depths of the Romanian spirit, these are the markings of an artist who successfully balances talent, passion and hard work.

The artistic repertoire can be found on CDs issued by CJCPCT Ialomiţa and in Radio recordings. Among the themes portrayed the most sung about is love, but also present are longing and the joy of living a good life, feelings found in the souls of Romanians everywhere.