Through the artistic creations it promotes, The Folk Ensemble „Doina Bărăganului” encompasses all ethno-folkloric areas of the country, which are spectacularly revealed to the public. A special role is played by song, dance and folk wear from Bărăgan, by the link between a man and his place of birth and the desire to feature on the national map of folklore.
The repertoire of songs contains doinas, ballads, songs, performed by way of voice and musical instruments in an authentic interpretation.
The dances combine the fascinating and colorful rhythms of Muntenia, the grace, agility and strength of Oltenia, the vigor and exuberance of Moldova and the rhythmic nature of Ardeal: between lyrical and dynamic, between tenderness and energy.
Authentic folk wear completes the visual tableau of old. The costumes displayed on stage are living proof of skill in weaving and sewing, but more importantly of the sensitivity of the Romanian peasant’s creative spirit. The wide array of colors and geometric and floral motifs found on traditional wear delights the eyes of those who love beauty.