„Doina Bărăganului“ has been echoing across Ialomiţa’s lands for over six decades, following „Baraganul“ orchestra’s authentic tradition that took shape in 1947 under the guidance of Ion Albeşteanu. The orchestra’s activity was coordinated by the cultural institutions of the time and quickly led to the creation of a valuable artistic nucleus governed by the adventurous spirit of youths who loved Romanian folk songs and dances.

Made up of vocal soloists, orchestra and dancers, the ensemble boasts a gallery of great names in Romanian folklore who have engraved their very souls in its hall of fame. From vocal soloists like: Ion Dolănescu, Tiberiu Ceia, Marin Cornea, Tiţa Ştefan, Tiţa Bărbulescu and Nicolae Rotaru to conductors: Nitu Albeşteanu, Radu Voinescu, Marin Ghiocel and master choreographers: Duţu Olteanu, Ion Grama, Ion Auroaica, Mihai Runcan, they have all contributed to the revival of folk tradition in Bărăgan.

From the very beginning, through its generosity and respect towards the act of creation, the ensemble has earned not only the national and international approval of the most exigent jury: the public, but also that of specialists and corresponding institutions.

The legacy of the ensemble’s over sixty years of activity has now been turned over to individuals dedicated to the act of creation. Therefore, vocal soloists Nicoleta Rădinciuc Vlad and Adrian Măcianu, the orchestra – under the musical and artistic guidance of dr. Cristian Obrejan, and dancers trained by choreographer Nicuşor Iancu, bring to stage the essence of the Romanian soul, expressed tough song, dance and folk wear.
As proof to the value of The Folk Ensemble „Doina Bărăganului“ stand the results of its activity, the numerous acts faithful to the creed of the Romanian identity, performed on national and international stages.

The performances brought to life by The Folk Ensemble „Doina Bărăganului“ are a true delight made up of music, choreography and folk wear, which represent standards of quality in education and entertainment in view of the galloping depreciation of traditional Romanian culture.