The “Doina Bărăganului” orchestra was created in 1947 under the guidance of Ion Albeşteanu. Formerly known as “Bărăganul” Orchestra, today it represents an important component of The Folk Ensemble „Doina Bărăganului“. At its core is a traditional group made up of traditional southern instruments and the interpretative musical style has its roots in famous, authentic fiddlers from Albeşti, Tăndărei, Slobozia and so on.

Cultural programs of great amplitude have led to collaborations with exceptional instrumentalists and vocal soloists who contribute to the enrichment and variety of the repertoire, therefore all traditional Romanian areas are presented to the public at a high standard of quality.

Over time, the orchestra’s destiny has been marked by the batons of renowned conductors such as Radu Voinescu, Marin Ghiocel, Ion Albeşteanu and Niţu Albeşteanu. Today, the sheet music of the „Doina Bărăganului“ orchestra is signed by dr. Cristian Obrejan.

The instruments and instrumentalists that make up the orchestra are:

Violins: Mihai Şerban, Ionuţ Polizu, Tudor Ionuţ, Virgil Iaru, Nelu Polizu, Ilona Baicu, Ionuţ Bolozan, Ion Şerban.
Viola: Gheorghe Jimblaru
Guitar: Ion Codin
Cimbalom: Marian Bolozan
Contrabass: Sile Gruia
Accordion: Mircea Radu
Clarinet: Andrei Toma
Panflute: Marian Mailat