The „Doina Bărăganului“ folk ensemble’s dancers are dedicated to bringing to stage the folkloric thesaurus from the Bărăganul area and more. In keeping with Romanian folk tradition, with the development and perfecting of folk song and dance techniques and interpretation, a true school of folk dance exists within the ensemble.

Over time, renowned choreographers of Romanian folklore have worked within the „Doina Bărăganului“ ensemble, such as the late Duţu Olteanu, Ion Grama, Ion Auroaica, Mihai Runcan, who worked towards bringing to stage traditional dances from the Bărăganul area, which raised the ensemble`s prestige both on a national and international level.

The current choreography bears the signature of dance master Nicuşor Iancu and contains scenes belonging both to Bărăgan and other areas representative for the country (Oltenia, Moldova, Banat, Ardeal, Oaş, Dobrogea).

The artistic activity manifests itself through consistent participation to relevant manifestations locally, nationally and internationally, their shows finding great success with the audience.