Cultural Agenda

The Folk Ensemble “Doina Bărăganului” belongs to The County Centre For Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Ialomita. Through its activity it aids the institution’s mission regarding the research and promotion of folk creation in the Muntenia – Bărăgan area.

Trades, customs and traditions, folk wear, songs and dances fiercely protected in the villages of Ialomiţa are a permanent source of inspiration in building the repertoire for the shows.

In 2016, The Folk Ensemble “Doina Bărăganului” will hold performances within the following cultural projects of the institution:

March 25, Sărăţeni – Folk art and tradition
April 15, Jilavele –  Rhapsodists at their home
May 6, Vlădeni, Ion Roată – The county folk festival and competition “Zărzărică, Zărzărea“, local stage
May 17-19, Caloianul/Scaloianul
June 9-12 – The International Folklore Festival “Baragan’s Flower
June 17, Făcăeni – The county folk festival and competition “Zărzărică, Zărzărea“, final stage
July 5-10– The International Folklore Festival – Veles, Macedonia
September 22-23, 2016, Slobozia – The National Folklore Festival “Ion Albeşteanu
December 16, 2016, Slobozia – The National Carols Festival “Tion under the sun